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Our experienced scientists work one-on-one with scientists, researchers and clinicians to provide a ‘Complete Solution’ for Genotyping, Gene Expression and miRNA Profiling Services, from experimental design to in-depth data analysis and advanced bioinformatics. Our ‘Complete Solutions’ include state of the art Technologies from Illumina, Thermofisher Scientific and Affymetrix for challenging specimens, such as LCM, FFPE and whole blood samples. With over 40 years of combined experience, our scientists at Genome Explorations have developed detailed standard operating procedures (SOPs) that allow us to consistently generate the highest quality, most reproducible data sets in the industry. Genome Explorations has received global acknowledgements for their achievements, and has been the industry leader in Providing Complete Genomics Solutions since 2001.


With over 40 years of combined experience in molecular research and diagnostics, Genome Explorations partners with our clients to define the core biological and clinical requirements for each individual project. We know that obtaining the right answer is impossible without asking the right questions.



After problem definition and delineation of research goals, Genome Explorations collaborates with our clients to ensure the technology selected for analysis will achieve the most specific and complete result. Whether your research requires expression profiling, genotyping or chromosomal abnormality analysis, Genome Explorations has the appropriate platform.



As part of our ‘Complete Solution’ the Bioinformatics team at Genome explorations provides advanced bioinformatics and statistical analyses generate meaningful usable data sets that allow our clients fastest path to publication and or submission for clinical trials. 

We are a CAP-accredited, CLIA-licensed facility with unequaled access, efficiency, and flexibility. Genome Explorations is a global leader in genomic analyses and next generation sequencing leading to major impact on molecular diagnostics.