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Genome Wide Association Study Services = Actionable Information

Genome wide association studies (GWAS) are a relatively new approach to analyzing genetic sequence and have quickly become a fundamental part of modern genetic studies. GWAS focus on SNPs, the single nucleotide sites that differ between individuals. This process reduces the research sample set down from 3 billion to a few hundred thousand nucleotides. 

Genome Explorations arrays contain the most informative content, supporting whole-genome, targeted genome, and exome analyses. Powered by industry-leading Affymetrix and technologies, they deliver exceptional data quality and high-density genomic coverage. Supporting high-throughput, multiplex processing, Genome Exploration microarrays are ideal for large-scale population study researchers and biobanks performing genome-wide and phenome-wide association studies. They also offer the high resolution required for detection of copy number variant (CNV), loss of heterozygosity (LOH), and insertions/deletions. All Genome Exploration microarrays, including whole-genome and targeted array products are designed for continued collaboration and expansion to meet the needs of the research community.