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Small Sample Amplification Services for Gene Expression Analysis

Genome Explorations is a certified service provider for NuGEN products. After QC testing, samples containing 5ng to 50ng of purified total RNA are amplified using NuGEN’s Ovation® Pico WTA System V2. Samples containing one or more cells, or as little as 10pg of purified total RNA, can be amplified using NuGEN’s Ovation® One-Direct System. Ovation® systems use the SPIA cDNA method for robust and representative amplification. As an Optional Service amplified cDNA sample can be quality checked upon client request by hydridization to an Affymetrix Test 3 chip or by qPCR with TaqMan® reference assays to assess transcript integrity. Transcript quality is assessed by comparing the 5′:3′ ratios of a collection of house keeping genes on the Test 3 chip or by qPCR detection.